George Bardakas, born in Meliti, Florina in 1985 is a sculptor of metal.
Well known for his iconic sculpture “Contralto”, a 6m scrap-metal bear,
now the official emblem of the city of Florina, Greece,
George Bardakas’s exceptionial talent and creativity was first recognized when, at the age of 14, he won first prize in a nationwide, state-organised art competition, securing him a place at the School of Fine Arts.
Completing his studies, he now specializes in sculpture.
His preferred medium is metal, and from this heavy, hard and solid material
he creates thought provoking works of lightness, softness and fluidity,
rethinks shapes, lines and depth, injects emotion into an unyielding matter, giving birth to the new from the old.

“Metal is one of the toughest materials, and yet we bend it, shape it, mould it. We are stronger than metal, even when we don't believe it! Metal survives through hardships. Even when rusty and scratched, it holds its texture and  we can give it a second life as something completely new.
It can be revived, as we can!”

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1. Coupling
Of all things opposing. (repurposed metal, liquid glass, paint)
0,80 x 0,70 x 1,05m. 
2. Opulence
So full, yet so empty (repurposed metal, spoons, copper rosette, paint)
0,70 x 0,70 x 1,10m
3. Heaven and earth
Legs rooted to the ground, and soaring spirit
(iron, knives, spoons)
0,80 x 1,30 x 100,5
4. Olive leaf
Created by nature (metal sheets, oxidation, liquid glass)
0,65 x 0,65 x 2,30m.

Giannis Koulouridis was born in 1983 in Chalkis, Greece and studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts – painting section – under the supervision of Professor Tassos Christakis. Giannis can be found working in his personal atellier in Chalkis.



  • Odyssia Festival, Schinos Loutráki, Korinthia, (artwork installation)
  • Original Sin, PurPur Gallery, Lamia (group exhibition)


  • Athens Bar Show 2017, Technopolis, Athens (artwork installation)


  • TEDxChalkida, (artwork installation)
  • Influence Festival, Eretria (artwork installation)
  • Trash Art, Chalandri (group exhibition)
  • Athens Bar Show 2016, Technopolis, Athens (artwork installation)
  • Archaeological Museum of Chalkida “Arethousa” (artwork installation)


  • Distortion Trio (Love Strings), Live Performance, Chalkida (blENTER festival)


  • Gallery Aenaon, Athens (group exhibition)
  • CHANGE, AVDP 2015 (video dance project)


  • Desired parental consent, Chalkis (dance project)
  • Sculpture garden, Nea Smyrni (group exhibition)
  • Kathreftis, Chalkis (artwork installation)
  • Gallery Chrysa, Katerini (group exhibition)


  • Cheapart, Thessaloniki (group exhibition)
  • Xoanon, Chili Art Gallery, Athens (solo exhibition)


  • International καφετέχNES 2010 by NESCAFE, Athens (group exhibition)
  • Graduates 2007-2008, Athens School of Fine Arts (group exhibition)

Contact Information

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  Helen Mudie-Ioannidou was born in Scotland, where she studied art at school and college. After graduating as a teacher, she moved to Greece, where she was inspired by the vibrant culture, people and landscapes.

  She then moved to Turkey and for six years taught art and music at the Istanbul International Community School. While there, she directed and designed sets and costumes for school musicals including “Cats” and “Grease”. She also found time to paint and sculpt, captivated by the people and scenes around her – old men in coffee shops, young shoe shiners, old ladies with weather worn faces, farmers working the fields.

When Helen moved back to Greece, she taught art at a local children’s home in Paleon Faliron. She was also very keen to continue her studies and took courses in life drawing, art history and ceramics at the Art Painting Centre in Glyfada. Here, she had the opportunity to sculpt life models directly from clay. Helen's love of the human form, the body and it's language inspires her figurative work. When she sculpts from life, she does not strive to produce an exact likeness, but hopes to capture the essence of the sitter.

She works mainly in stoneware clay preferring to form her pieces using coils of clay and uses a variety of firing techniques. She also uses glazes, patinas, stains and wax to get the finish she wants. Selected sculptures are cast in limited editions in bronze.

Her work – paintings drawings and sculpture – has been shown in group exhibitions in Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and Scotland. In 2004, she had her first solo sculpture show, at the Egina Aegina Gallery in Greece. Followed in May 2007 by ‘The Embrace’ at the Art Gallery Café, Voula, Greece. In November 2007 at the Sismanogliou Palace, Beyoglou, Istanbul, Turkey. In July 2009 ‘Reflections’ Art Studio Gallery, Mykonos, Greece and in August 2014 by ‘Sculpture’ at the Egina.Aegina Gallery, Aegina, Greece In 2007 she received a Highly Commended Award for her exhibit ‘Sisters’ at the Moray Arts Club in her native Scotland. Her work is in the collection at the Greek Embassy in Ankara and in private collections worldwide. Helen has been a member of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts since 2009.


Finding inspiration in nature, the animal kingdom, Ancient Greece and mythology, Spiros Contoulis began creating sculptures, with a focused interest in horses, using found objects – such as: drift wood, dried bones, plastics, cords and ropes, all of which he uncovered along different sea shores. Contoulis is interested in composing his works also by using recyclable materials – mainly metals, and, on occasion his work is solely comprised from what society trashes, finds timeworn, unwanted and unnecessary.

His work has been exhibited in various locations throughout Greece, and can be found in private and public collections internationally.

Contoulis was born in Larissa, Greece in 1971.

He currently resides and works in Greece.

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Kalafatis, Mykonos, 84600 Greece

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